Essex & East London Enterprise & Entrpreneurship Academy

The Essex & East London Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Learning Business Education Hub (eel2 ACADEMY)

Investment in local skills development is crucial to support new and fledgling entrepreneurs as well as Executives and Owners to ensure business and subsequently, local and national economic growth.

The Essex & East London Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Learning Business Education Hub (eelĀ² Academy) is listed in the UK Register of Learning Professionals and was established to provide independent, confidential and un-biased business coaching, mentoring, training and education programmes. eelĀ² is open for all those interested or active in entrepreneurship and enterprise growth.

Programmes are either paid for by delegates or their organisations or are fully funded by third parties (public & private sources) subject to funding availability. Delivery is by E4G staff consultants, local experts or volunteer trainers, coaches and mentors. All delegates receive E4G Business Certification and we are currently seeking CPD approvals for our programmes.

Services include:

Individual Development:

Independent, confidential and unbiased business counselling

Self-employment information, advice & guidance

Pre-start-up business counselling

General business growth mentoring

Tailor-made executive coaching

Wider business support network signposting

Group Development:

Taster enterprise workshops

Start-up training courses

Strategic growth seminars

Bespoke workforce development programmes

Guest presenter Masterclasses

Specialist Development:

Peer-to-peer Virtual Boards

Sector specific training seminars

Strategic awaydays & team building

Organisational development & evaluation

Organisational development & evaluation

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