Delivering economic impact

Our focus is on business-led regeneration. We endeavour to bolster local economies by working closely and in genuine partnership with local residents, enterprises and public and voluntary sector organisations, helping to create employment opportunities by encouraging and supporting business start-up, business survival and business growth. We don’t just create self surviving ecosystmens, we create exciting viable and sustainable SMEcosystems.

Creating community impact

We work with key stakeholders to create local impact that adds value to local neighbourhoods and communities. We focus on building and growing an enterprise culture in an area that attracts and retains new and existing businesses. We create, encourage and support successful, collaborative communities that bring people together to share experiences, tackle loneliness and enhance the health and well-being of individuals and teams. Job protection, creation and growth raises household incomes in an exciting and supportive entrepreneurial environment, we help build communities that encourage more people to live, work and invest in exciting places to live.

Ensuring environmental impact

We work with property owners and developers to protect, retain and put to good use void, redundant or underutilised spaces. As co-design, build and operator partners, we make sure we create environmental and financially sustainable workspaces. Creating local places to work and delivering local business-themed learning & development opportunities keep people close to home reducing carbon footprints whilst stimulating the local economy.