We are the UK's most innovative, creative and partnership-driven business-led regeneration specialists. We work with new entrepreneurs, existing business owners and their teams to help their business, start-up and scale-up. We work with local and regional public sector economic development professionals and private sector property owners, developers and philanthropists to build stronger local economies. We believe in job creation through self-employment, entrepreneurship and sustainable business growth for micro, small and medium sized business. Our network of brands ensures we work in genuine partnership to support measurable social, economic and physical regeneration.

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The Enterprise 4 Good team of associates have all run successful (and unsuccessful!) profit-making and not-for-profit organisations; having been in business themselves. As such, the team are well placed to help steer clients to a truly clear, independent and unbiased understanding of the world of enterprise & entrepreneurship.

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Working in partnership with local, regional and national governments, property owners, developers and investors to provide consultancy, project delivery and programme management that helps profit-making and not-for-profit businesses and sectors, start-up, survive and grow. Our partner organisation will accelerate your journey to achieving your business goals.

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